Wireless Wizardry - The AZDEN WLX-PRO

Have you ever wanted to record great sounding dialogue audio without the distraction of holding a bulky microphone? Are you tired of getting tangled up in ugly XLR cables? Then it sounds like what you need is a wireless lavalier (lapel) microphone.

But wait: Wireless means expensive, right? Not anymore. While most wireless lavalier systems run well over $300, there is one that can fulfill all of your wireless needs for less than half that.

The Azden WLX-PRO Lavaliere System is a two-channel VHF (very high frequency) wireless microphone system that comes ready to plug into your DSLR or camcorder.

Two frequencies means that if you get interference on one, you can simply switch to the other.

Other features, like running off easy to find 9v batteries and an included camera mount and lapel clip make the AZDEN as easy to use as it is effective.

And it's very effective.

The system's microphone pickup has an omnidirectional polar pattern that crisply captures the audio from your target while excluding ambient noise. (click here to see three field tests that we did on the AZDEN).

The AZDEN also has a headphone output jack for real-time monitoring of your recording––which is essential with any kind of audio recording device. (Nothing is worse than getting back home, importing the video and finding out there is no audio track!)

We've used the AZDEN heavily for over a year and always find that it is reliable, user-friendly, and often exceeds our expectations for quality.

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